Revised Instructions to those taking part in the shoot 16th to 18th April

Please read the latest NRA COVID guidance as well as this will take precedence while we are shooting at Bisley. These can be found on the NRA website by following the following link


17th & 18th April 2021 / SHOOTER BRIEF

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

Friday 16th April 2021

The zero range will be open for all those wishing to zero their rifles above 4500 Joules muzzle energy from 1330 to 1600hrs. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO COMPETE WITH A RIFLE ABOVE 4500 JOULES MUZZLE ENERGY UNLESS YOU ZERO FIRST!

We have 5x Target lanes booked at 600 yards on Century Range for an informal practice on both Friday morning and afternoon. The additional fee for this practise is £25 per shooter. Please indicate on your online entry if you’d like to zero your rifle and/or be included in the practise session. You won’t be able to shoot unless you book first!

Squadding cards can be collected from Richie Jones at Friday’s Range practise or on Century Range from 7am on both Saturday 17th April and Sunday 18th April. First details starts at 830am, Don’t be late as you may be on it!

Saturday 17th April 2021 (Saturday entry fee £65)

Match 1 (am) – 2+15

Match 2 (am) – 2+15

Match 3 (pm) – 2+20

Saturday Round count 56 + Blow Offs

Sunday 18th April 2021 (Sunday entry fee £45)

Match 4 (am) – 2+15

Match 5 (am) – 2+15

Sunday Round count 34 + Blow Offs

Additional information:-

1 Please familiarise yourself with the latest NRA UK Covid Secure Procedures including (Hands. Face. Space.)

2 Targets will be NRA F-Class Short Range and Scoring will be a V = 5.1

3 To prevent upset, DO NOT set up on a firing point unless you have a shooting partner to shoot against.

In an effort to prevent anyone from string shooting, the RCO has been advised to move any single competitors to another firing point to create a shooting pair. If you find yourself alone, let the RCO know asap!

4 There will be a 1min Blow Off period prior to the start of each detail on Saturday’s Match 1 & Sunday’s Match 4

5 The following timings will be strictly adhered to (30mins per 2+15 in pairs) & (40mins per 2+20 in pairs)

6 Under the current NRA Covid procedures, It’s the shooters responsibility to clear their own rifle. You must remove your Bolt and insert a Breech flag into the chamber before seeking acknowledgement from your shooting partner or the RCO that you’ve made your rifle safe. Only then can your rifle be removed from the firing point.

Once your rifle is cleared, please be prompt on removing all your kit from the firing point to allow the next detail to set up and start on time.

7 No score cards will be swapped between score keepers & shooters on the day. Blank cards will be provided Score keeper must input the shooters name, scores and total before signing & handing back to the guys on stats.

8 As this is a competition “Friendly”, No league points or GBFCA Silver Salvers will be awarded.

There will however be a prize giving held on the range shortly after the final match on both days. Medals will be awarded to the Top 3 shooters in both classes at all 5 matches. We will also have medals for daily aggregates including glass awards for weekend grand aggregates. (held approx 1300hrs on Saturday and 1640hrs on Sunday)

If you have any questions or queries, please send me a text or call me on 07970 060037. Cheers – Richie

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