2021 European Championships – Info for Overseas Visitors

For all our overseas shooters….
We are now planning towards the Euros so we can give you as much time as possible to make your own arrangements and apply for permits etc.

With all the uncertainty around travel, from things such as covid etc we are still running the Euros but obviously with travel being limited and with some countries having restrictions the ultimate decision will be down to you on whether to attend or not.

We have been in touch with the NRA and they have provided the attached details for all visitor permits as they will be your sponsor. Please fill in the attached data sheet as they will fill the actual form in so it can be done in the format the Police prefer.

They need a copy of the home government authority to possess firearms – an EFP will do even though it is no longer explicitly required for the process and a copy of the photo-page of the passport.  It is essential that you have the residential address to be used in GB and the storage location of the firearms. If submitting a group application, such as teams, all the dates on the individual data sheets must match, but the result is a set of individual permits which can be used within the outside dates.  Allow plenty of room on the outside dates – if someone has an accident or there’s a lockdown or travel ban, you don’t want permits running out to be added to the problems. Please send all documents electronically to Alison.Hayward@nra.org.uk
 Please give as much lead time as possible.  Standard turn-round is six to eight weeks, plus the time to post the permits out.  It may be longer at the moment and ideally you should allow long enough that if the permits go astray in the post they can get a replacement set. If people aren’t sure about which firearms they will bring, put them all down – there is no problem having authority to bring a firearm that in the end you don’t bring.

If anyone needs any help please contact any committee member or Gary Costello on gcostello@pbs-int.co.uk or Les Holgate on lesholgate0@gmail.com

Please click on the links below to the documents:

Visitors Permit

Visitors Permit Notes

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