Bisley July 2021 shoot – update

Over the past few days we have had discussions with the Bisley range office regarding our July bookings.
They have informed us that they can’t provide some of the distances we require for July. We made the booking in October 2020, this was before they had planned the 2021 Bisley calendar and we had the dates provisionally approved in the normal way, so we could not have done it any earlier. The demand for range time, after everything that has happened, means they just can’t accommodate everyone. it isn’t just us, lots of clubs/associations are receiving the same news. 

The upshot of this is we will have to change the weekend and the format of the comp or have no shoot at all. The actual details will be announced as per usual but for your info it is now going to be the weekend of 2nd/3rd/4th July (so one week prior to the planned date) and will look something like Friday practice of 1000 yards and 1100 yards, Saturday comp the same distances, but Sunday can only be 600 yards.

GBFCA Committee

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