FCWC South Africa – Message from our ICFRA rep

Tony Marsh is the GB F Class ICFRA representative and he has asked for us to post this message that is for ALL F Class shooters, not just Association members so feel free to distribute to anyone you feel might be interested.

ICFRA are the body that is responsible for the running of the F Class World Championships , amongst other things..

ICFRA are to have a vote on the next World Championships to be held in South Africa. COVID is resulting in several questions from member nations and they are to have a vote asking for responses to the following questions:

For the FCWC in South Africa that are coming up do you want to hold the event:

(a)    Original Planned dates March/April 2022

(b)   August 2022

(c)   March/April 2023


Is your country likely to be represented at the FCWC by teams and/or individuals?   YES/NO

Because this is something that will affect all shooters that want to take part in these worlds I would like your opinion on this, how would you vote?? I will then, based on your feedback, formulate how I will vote.

Could responses be submitted to me, Tony Marsh either by Mobile: 07801 736139 or preferably to my E-mail: tony.marsh@kpr-engineering.com with your preference. I do have a date that I need to give our vote so can I please have their response by the 12th of March please.

Thanks to you all


Thanks to you all


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