2024 Diggle Round 3 Friday Practice


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Are you a current member of the (P.S.S.A) Pennine Shooting Sports Association at Diggle?
If not, you must sign their “Hand Loading” declaration before being allowed to shoot in this competition!
(NB:- If you’ve already signed one at Rd 2, you don’t need to complete another one)

Friday 31st May 2024
Informal practice at 600 Yards on 3x Electronic Silver Mountain Targets


Important Notes:-
Friday – I plan to run this practice on 3x Silver Mountain ET’s (tablets will be provided) Starts 13:00hrs – Ends 17:00hrs
Saturday – Please be on range by 08:15hrs for a quick safety brief in the car park. F/TR are shooting first with blow offs
commencing at 09:00hrs sharp!
Sunday – Please be on range by 09:15hrs at the latest. F-Open will be shooting first with blow offs commencing at
10:00hrs sharp!
All competitors are expected to help with marking duties on both days. If you can’t pull targets, I’m sure you can patch
holes and replace faces, or just look busy and keep everyones morale high.
I will approach some of you individually to cover a small number of specific roles on the range.
1 All current 2024 I.C.F.R.A rules apply so if in doubt, check them out.
2 Targets will be NRA F-Class Long Range and Scoring will be a V = 5.1
3 To prevent upset, DO NOT set up on a firing point unless you have a shooting partner to shoot against.
In an effort to prevent anyone from string shooting, the RCO has been advised to move any single competitors to
another firing point to create a shooting pair. If you find yourself alone, let the RCO know asap!
4 There will be a 1min Blow Off period prior to the start of each detail on Saturday’s Match 1 & Sunday’s Match 3
5 The following timings will be strictly adhered to (40mins per 2+20 in pairs & 30mins per 2+15 in pairs)
The 45 Second rule between shots will also be applied!
6 It is your responsibility to clear your shooting partners rifle and vice versa. Bolts must be removed and a Breech
flag inserted into the chamber before any rifle can be removed from the firing point. Once your rifle is cleared,
please be prompt on removing all your kit from the firing line to allow the next detail to set up and start on time.
7 Score cards will be swapped between shooting pairs. Please ensure that your name and score is clearly visable
and signed by both the shooter and registered keepers before handing to the RCO. Please be prompt on this!
8 Medals will be awarded to the Top 3 shooters in both classes in all 4 matches including daily Sat/Sun
aggregates. Glass awards will be awarded to the Top 3 shooters in both classes for the highest Grand Aggregates
with official Salvers awarded to the overall winners. (Ceremony on range approx 30mins after shooting on Sun).
A reminder that all competitors must sign the P.S.S.A member or Visitors register on arrival at the ranges.
Any issues please contact Richie on 07970060037 or email me at either richsjones@hotmail.co.uk or
See you on a firing point soon, Cheers – Richie

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