Date Change for Long Range Challenge

Dear Members,

We have received notification from the NRA booking office that our previously confirmed range booking for the Long Range shoot in July 2022 now clashed with a BCRC meeting. Apparently this is an extension of the Imperial meeting and can be 40+ targets. This was the first any of us had heard of any problems with our bookings because as per the last update, we had been told all our dates had been confirmed.

The short version is we either stick to the original date, but this would mean the maximum number of targets for Sunday would be 10 and the max distance would be 900 yards (so clearly not a good option) or we pull the date forward one week. We clearly have no option other than moving the date to the weekend of 25th/26th June, so please amend your diaries accordingly. At least this way we keep the original numbers and distances requested. If anything else changes, and we really hope it doesn’t, we will keep everyone informed.

The calendar has been updated and can be seen here

GBFCA Committee

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