Good News – F Class Imperial 2020

Hi Guys, some positive news for a change.

Following a meeting Mik and Gary had with the NRA last week we can now announce the format for an F Class shoot to be run in September on the approx timings of the Euros. The competition will be run and administered by the NRA,  they will do everything from entry to prizes. The GBFCA will market the comp via our email system, website and also our facebook page. We will also provide the NRA with our GBFCA Logo to show its a jointly marketed match.

The match format will be: 

Wed to Sun (9-13 Sep). 

Wed 9 Sep                         practice at short and long range

Thu 10 Sep                         Short Range matches at 300, 500 & 600 yds

Fri 11 Sep                           Long Range 800, 900 & 1000 yds

Sat 12  Sep                         Long Range 800, 900 & 1000 yds

Sun AM 13 Sep                 Long range 1000 yds  

Sun PM 13 Sep                 Prize giving 

Prizes will be the NRA Imperial prizes The GBFCA will provide a match director and wing officers (these being for technically queries during the match).

The point of this was to join forces with the NRA to put on a comp while times are so uncertain. Yes things are opening up, yes accommodation is starting to open on Bisley but it is still risky to organise large gatherings for people from potentially all over the UK and beyond (one example being if we had organised the comp and then some area in or near Bisley gets locked down we have a big problem). This way we have the assistance and backing of the NRA.
With it being a joint venture it will also be open to non GBFCA competitors (as it isn’t a league shoot) providing they are NRA  members.

We can also confirm that the end of year November shoot will also go ahead but as this is a smaller comp and hopefully at a better time, this will be a stand alone GBFCA event.

GBFCA Committee

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