Covid19 – Coronavirus

Dear Members,This is a brief statement from the committee regarding the current issues surrounding the coronavirus and specifically how it may or may not affect the league shoots.
The league has members from all over the world so firstly our thoughts go to the members in the worst hit places such as Italy and we hope they all stay well and/or recover as soon as possible.
Obviously the committee and the match organisers are in exactly the same position as yourselves, we have no idea where this is going or what it will affect. All we can do is monitor the governments advice regarding outdoor events and also the advice from the NRA regarding the use of Bisley ranges.
We appreciate that all members need to plan and fund the shoots, make travel arrangements etc so there will be no knee jerk decisions made to cancelling or altering shoots.
In the past, we  have tried to get the entries out approx 4 or 5 weeks before the comps. In the current climate the entries may have to come out closer to the competition but NOT closer than 14 days. This will be mainly to allow competitors to plan and prep but is also because Bisley needs a minimum of 14 days notice for booking cancellations or the organisers get charged. The committee feel that if we can send entries out approximately 3 weeks before the comps it will allow us to react best to whatever the situation and advice is at the time.
Clearly, if either the NRA or the government change the advice/rules with shorter notice, this will be beyond our control. In these circumstances, if the comp is cancelled short notice, a full refund on the entry will be applied, If any member withdraws their place at the comps that are cancelled, the standard cancellation rules apply.
Obviously we will keep the membership updated with any comp news as we progress through the coming weeks.

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