News: All shooters please read

To All GBFCA competitors,

The GBFCA was originally formed as an Association and not a HOA club for many reason, one was that as we all give our time for free we did not intend to take people from “scratch”. The intention was to provide larger events for existing F Class shooters while promoting the discipline and also potentially helping to provide shooters for GB teams.

This then turned into the national league and the aim was to provide events for people, with the required paperwork and relevant experience. As some of you are aware for some time now we have had non FAC holders competing at league matches of all ages. 

After recently seeking advice from the NRA legal and safety team the committee has come to a unanimous decision that this now seems to be an area that we do not want to operate in as it can be down to different interpretations of the law. So from this point forward anyone shooting in a GBFCA competition must possess their own FAC (for foreign competitors overseas Firearms permit) and It obviously must specify target shooting. This also means that the GBFCA will no longer be able to host the Friday Friendly. For information on the Bisley Friday Friendly please liaise with Jon direct.

Please note in doing this we are acting in the best beliefs and interpretations of the rules as we know them to make the league shoots as good as we can while also protecting the league and its individuals, even though this may inconvenience some.

GBFCA Committee

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